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  • curprev 08:46, 9 August 2021imported>ArielGlenn 3,431 bytes +312 add a note about permissions fixups, and cleaning up the old status files tarball on both dumpsdata hosts
  • curprev 09:05, 29 July 2021imported>ArielGlenn 3,119 bytes +377
  • curprev 13:12, 19 July 2021imported>ArielGlenn 2,742 bytes +112
  • curprev 12:28, 15 February 2021imported>ArielGlenn 2,630 bytes +2,630 Created page with "Sometimes you may want to swap the primary and fallback NFS servers for the XML/SQL dumps. If they are both operational, here is the procedure used to do it. * Make sure dump..."