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Currently hosted on doc1001 (through misc-web-lb). Formerly on gallium.


Landing pages

The navigational structure and page layout is server-side generated by simple PHP script. This provides navigation header, footer, and page layout. The main content of each page comes from either an HTML file, YAML file, or PHP function that produces a directory index.

The root page lists project for which documentation is open, one can see it as a catalogue of some of our open source product. Items can be added by editing the file org/wikimedia/doc/opensource.yaml. See the repository for additional details and to test your change locally.

Examples of URLs in scope:


These landing pages link out to microsites with API documentation, demos, and coverage reports. Each of these is entirely standalone and statically generated. The are published by post-merge CI jobs into the /srv/doc/ directory outside the landing pages' document root.

To learn how we (securely) transfer these sites from CI to the server, see Continuous integration/Documentation generation on

Examples of URLs in scope:

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