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The Wikimedia Foundation began using a one-week deploy cycle in June of 2013 and modified in June 2015 to a more simple one. This page describes that cycle. It is commonly known as the "deployments train", because the software updates arrive at each group of wikis following a standard schedule.

The cycle consists of 3 deploys a week, to three groups of wikis, in 3 phases, starting on each Tuesday. This means a version of MediaWiki that starts to go out to the WMF cluster on Tuesday the 7th will be on all WMF-hosted wikis by Thursday the 9th in the same week.

For information about the current status of the versions deployed to the various wikis, see


Generalized deploy calendar

See also MediaWiki 1.39/Roadmap on
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
group 0 group 1 group 2

Group 0

These are canary wikis, see dblists/group0.dblist. This group includes:

Group 1

These are non-Wikipedias, see dblists/group1.dblist.
These are most wikis, except canary wikis and Wikipedia. There are also individual Wikipedia sites that have chosen to be in Group 1 for early feedback (dblists/group1-wikipedia.dblist). This group includes:

Group 2

All other Wikipedias, see dblists/group2.dblist.

This includes (English Wikipedia).