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Deployments/One week

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The Wikimedia Foundation began using a one-week deploy cycle in June of 2013 and modified in June 2015 to a more simpler one. This page describes that cycle. The cycle consists of 3 deploys a week, to three groups of wikis, in 3 phases, starting on Tuesday. This means a version of MediaWiki that starts to go out to the WMF cluster on Tuesday the 7th will be on all WMF-hosted wikis by Thursday the 9th in the same week.

Generalized deploy calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
week0 11am Pacific
  • wmf1 to group 0
11am Pacific
  • wmf1 to group 1
11am Pacific
  • wmf1 to group 2
week1 11am Pacific
  • wmf2 to group 0
11am Pacific
  • wmf2 to group 1
11am Pacific
  • wmf2 to group 2

Three wiki groups

  • Wikis in group 0 (see group0.dblist)
    • testwiki
    • test2wiki
    • testwikidata
    • zerowiki
  • Wikis in group 1
    • All non-Wikipedia sites (Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikinews, Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Wikiversity, and a few other sites)
      • Some Wikipedias may move to this slot if the community desires to help debug issues earlier in the cycle. Tentatively this might include Chinese Wikipedia.
  • Wikis in group 2
    • All Wikipedia