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This page tracks upcoming deployments of software to the Wikimedia Foundation servers.

  • Cadence: MediaWiki follows a weekly deploy cadence known as the Deployment Train, except for backports. For other services, teams decide their own schedule.
  • Schedule: Generally use Backport windows instead of scheduling new windows. But, long running tasks and others things covered by Inclusion criteria do require their own windows. When creating windows, schedule more time than -0you think you need, to account for issues that might slow you down. One hour is best for most things.
  • Times are pinned to San Francisco, and thus the UTC time changes in March and November due to the DST.
  • To add or remove your name from the list, or to schedule a new recurring deploy window, send a patchset to mediawiki/tools/release's deployments-calendar.json file. Add thcipriani as a reviewer.
  • If you need help, contact Release Engineering on IRC at #wikimedia-releng connect; and ping Greg (greg-g) or Tyler (thcipriani).
  • Communicating: Deployments of new or major features should be announced on the Wikimedia blog, Tech News, and/or global MassMessage to relevant communities. Changes that are likely to affect cache behaviour, add new cookies, or utilize new database tables, should be announced on the ops mailing list first.
  • Something went wrong? See Incident response. Is there a user-impacting problem? Communicate in the #wikimedia-operations connect IRC channel. If there is a Phabricator task, ensure #Wikimedia-Incident is tagged, and consider setting the Unbreak Now priority.
  • For information about the current status of the versions deployed to the various wikis, see
  • The deployment commands helper can assist with which commands to run, including how to revert your changeː

Week of December 20

  • NO DEPLOYS - Holiday break

Week of December 27

  • NO DEPLOYS - Holiday break