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Contint1001/Upgrade to Precise

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This page is about upgrading the gallium host from Ubuntu Lucid to Ubuntu Precise.


  • send an email to wikitech-l about host being upgraded and service under maintenance
  • Stop Apache
  • Stop Jenkins


  • Backup the following directories (and maybe do a full backup of the 46GB as well)
    • /home
    • /var/lib/jenkins (roughly 40GB)
    • /srv
  • Need to make sure dotfiles are included ;-)
  • Upgrade
  • Get puppet to run. Will reinistall a half working copy of jenkins.
  • Stop Jenkins
  • Drop /var/lib/jenkins and replaces it with the /var/lib/jenkins backup
  • Start Jenkins

Jenkins should be available at

Stuff that need packaging

Android SDK

Android SDK needs to be packaged. It is, as of Oct 2012, in /home/hashar which is not really ideal :-]

Should probably install android on a local machine then build a dumb package that will simply install all files under /opt/androidsdk

PHPUnit upgrade

PHPUnit is installed from PEAR repository. The Ubuntu provided packages are too old. There is a watch file in the Debian package, so we could probably easily create a PHPUnit 3.7.8 packages using uscan and uupdate.

PHP 5.3.2

optional would be nice to get PHP 5.3.2 instead of PHP 5.3.10. 5.3.2 is the minimal version supported by MediaWiki.