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Codfw cluster

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One of the Wikimedia server racks at CyrusOne.

Codfw (pronounced code-ef-double-you, or the Dallas DC) is located at CyrusOne in Carrollton, Texas, United States.

Codfw cluster

Map of Wikimedia Foundation data centers.

Vendor CyrusOne (CO)
Nearby airport Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
Location Carrollton, Texas, United States
Datacenter number #2
Usage Core services

Cabinet name mapping

We label our cabinets in lettered rows, and numbered cabinets (example: A1-codfw). CyrusOne's reports have info for cabinets like CAR-DH7-WIKI-7010-66.

WMF Cabinet Name CyrusOne Cabinet Name
a1 EZ-DH7-7010-66
a4 EZH-DH7-7010-69
a7 EZ-DH7-7010-72
b1 EZ-DH7-7013-66
b4 EZ-DH7-7013-69
b7 EZ-DH7-7013-72
c1 EZ-DH7-7018-66
c4 EZH-DH7-7018-69
c7 EZ-DH7-7018-72
d1 EZ-DH7-7021-66
d4 EZ-DH7-7021-69
d7 EZ-DH7-7021-72

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