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These are the current (and former) clusters used by the Wikimedia Foundation.


Cluster Location Usage Since
Codfw cluster‎ Carrollton, Texas (United States) Application services 2014 – present
Ulsfo cluster‎ San Francisco (United States) Caching 2012? – present
Eqiad cluster‎ Ashburn, Virginia (United States) Application services 2010 – present
Esams cluster‎ Amsterdam (Netherlands) Caching 2006? – present
Knams cluster Amsterdam (Netherlands) Networking (for esams) 2006? – present


Cluster Location Usage Since
Pmtpa cluster‎ Tampa, Florida (United States) Application services 2005? – 2014?
Lopar cluster‎ Paris (France) Caching 2005 – 2008?

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