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ucs-c250-m1# scope vmedia
ucs-c250-m1# scope vmedia
ucs-c250-m1 /vmedia # show
ucs-c250-m1 /vmedia # show
Encryption disabled, disabled Active Sessions  
Encryption Enabled Enabled Active Sessions  
------------------ ------- ---------------  
------------------ ------- ---------------  
yes                yes    5             
no                yes    0             
ucs-c250-m1 /vmedia # set disabled yes
ucs-c250-m1 /vmedia # set enabled no
ucs-c250-m1 /vmedia *# commit
ucs-c250-m1 /vmedia *# commit

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These use admin, rather than root.

CLI command completion

Use <Tab> to show a list of possible commands at any scope, then use '?' to get the possible options to complete the command.

General / show and change config

In every scope you have "show" and "show detail" for the current config, "show configuration pending" to show pending changes, "set" to change settings, and (do not forget), "commit" to commit your changes.

Power actions

All power actions happen under the chassis scope:

scope chassis
power cycle
hard reset
power hard-reset
power off
power off
power on
power on
graceful shutdown
power shutdown

Returning to the top scope


Setting BIOS settings

Most bios settings are in scope bios/server-management and bios/advanced.

Getting BIOS version

show bios detail

Getting BIOS settings

scope bios/advanced
show detail

Getting IP / MAC / VLAN

scope cimc/network
show detail

Getting MAC addresses of the on-board NICs

scope cimc/network
show lom-mac-list detail

(*) note LOM stands for "LAN on motherboard" here, not "Lights-out management"

Getting info about PCI adapters (RAID controller and others)

scope chassis
show pci-adapter detail


scope kvm

Virtual Media

Important: you need to disable virtual media or else its USB devices are occupying /dev/sda & /dev/sdb making installs fail!

ucs-c250-m1# scope vmedia
ucs-c250-m1 /vmedia # show
Encryption Enabled Enabled Active Sessions 
------------------ ------- --------------- 
no                 yes     0               
ucs-c250-m1 /vmedia # set enabled no
ucs-c250-m1 /vmedia *# commit

PXE boot

scope bios
set boot-order pxe
To manage boot-order:
- Reboot server to have your boot-order settings take place
- Do not disable boot options via BIOS screens
- If a specified device type is not seen by the BIOS, it will be removed
  from the boot order configured on the BMC
- Your boot order sequence will be applied subject to the previous rule.
  The configured list will be appended by the additional device types
  seen by the BIOS

Getting console output / a shell

connect host

CISCO Serial Over LAN: Close Network Connection to Exit

(to close the connection use "~." (that's tilde dot))

command modes

command mode table

Serial Over LAN

ucs-c250-m1# connect host 
CISCO Serial Over LAN disabled

ucs-c250-m1# scope sol 
ucs-c250-m1 /sol *# show detail 
Serial Over LAN:
    Enabled: no
    Baud Rate(bps): 115200

ucs-c250-m1 /sol *# set enabled yes
ucs-c250-m1 /sol *# commit

Getting product name / serial number / PID / UUID

show chassis detail