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Check bacula is a wrapper for bconsole that is able to produce output to be used by icinga and prometheus, for Bacula monitoring in the WMF production.

Usage --help
usage: [-h] [--list-jobs] [--prometheus] [--port PORT]
                       [--icinga] [--backup_config_path BACKUP_CONFIG_PATH]
                       [--bconsole_path BCONSOLE_PATH]

Checks bacula backup freshness status and prints it on standard output (or
starts the bacula prometheus exporter).

positional arguments:
  job                   If set, check only the status of this job. Otherwise,
                       check all jobs.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --list-jobs           When used, it just prints the list of configured
                        backup jobs and returns without any check.
  --prometheus          If set, instead of outputing information to the
                        command line, it waits in a loop listening for an HTTP
                        request and returns metrics in the typical prometheus
                        exporter format.
  --port PORT           When using the prometheus mode, it binds and listens
                        on this port. If no one is given, 9133 is used by
  --icinga              If set, it prints just a summary for icinga.
                        Otherwise, it prints a detailed output to the command
  --backup_config_path BACKUP_CONFIG_PATH
                        Path of the directory with the files where the bacula
                        job configuration is, by default:
  --bconsole_path BCONSOLE_PATH
                        Full path of the "bconsole" executable, by default:

See also

More info on how it works and why it was created on Bacula#Monitoring