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{{Toolforge nav}}
{{Toolforge nav}}
{{notice|There are '''2 primary listings''' of tools:
{{notice|There are '''3 primary listings''' of Toolforge tools:
# [{{Toolforge tools list}}] — All ~2,200 tools hosted on Toolforge
# [{{Toolforge tools list}}], all ~3,000 tools hosted on Toolforge
# [[toolforge:hay/directory|Hay's Tools Directory]], a curated list of ~500 entries, which includes some external tools.
# [], ~1,600 entries, part of the broad [[m:Toolhub]] project
# [[toolforge:hay/directory|Hay's Tools Directory]], a curated list of ~1,000 entries, including some external tools

There are '''many other''' lists of tools: [[phab:T115650]].
There are '''many other''' lists of tools. See: [[m:Tools]] and [[phab:T115650]].
There are '''plans to improve''' the situation: [[m:Toolhub]].

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This category just contains manual pages of some Toolforge tools.

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Tool maintainers: Make your tool easier to find by creating a page in the Tool namespace and using the Tool template.

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