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Location: codfw
Cluster: Miscellaneous codfw
Node name: capella.codfw.wmnet (fingerprint)
Usage: misc
This device has been decommissioned.
Icinga?: host status services status

capella is (as of April 2015) currently spare in codfw


Called mobile1 in pmtpa, which was a Dell PowerEdge 1950 running Ubuntu 8.04[1], handling all requests for * from mobile devices, renamed to capella in T80523

Wikimedia IPv6 tunnel relay (6to4/Teredo) (role::ipv6relay) in pmtpa, eventually decommissioned in the tampa migration T83126, physically removed in T83687

solr3 (Dell PowerEdge R420, Dual Intel Xeon E5-2440 (2.40 GHz), 16 GB Memory, 300GB SSD[2]) renamed to capella in codfw in T84901 and racked (solr3 had been shipped from sdtpa to eqiad(?) in T83652)

Used in T84902 for OrientDB testing

Decommissioned again in T94474