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Calico is a virtual network infrastructure that we use to manage kubernetes networking.


Following the integration guide there are a few things we need to rebuild, in order to stick to our policy of "internal builds only":

- the calico/node container - the calicoctl cli tool (which gets built as part of the calico/node build pipeline) - the calico-cni CNI plugins - the base cni plugins we'll be using

The next few sections will detail how to do each of these things.

calico/node and calicoctl

We keep a cloned/modified repository at operations/calico-containers.


Download the needed version using the debian/repack script, then import it using gbp

# In the directory where you cloned operations/calico-cni
/srv/calico-cni $ debian/repack 1.8.3
Downloading calico-cni-1.8.3
Repackaged in /srv/calico-cni-1.8.3.tar.xz
Cleaned up the working directory '/tmp/tmp.Yj51DNj'
/srv/calico-cni $ gbp import-orig ../calico-cni-1.8.3.tar.xz
What is the upstream version? [1.8.3] 
gbp:info: Importing '../calico-cni-1.8.3.tar.xz' to branch 'upstream'...
gbp:info: Source package is calico-cni
gbp:info: Upstream version is 1.8.3
gbp:info: Merging to 'master'
gbp:info: Successfully imported version 1.8.3 of ../calico-cni-1.8.3.tar.xz
/srv/calico-cni $ dch -v "1.8.3-1~wmf1"
/srv/calico-cni $ git add debian/changelog
/srv/calico-cni $ git commit -m 'Updating debian version'
[master a9c31a1] Updating debian version
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)
/srv/calico-cni $ gbp buildpackage

Please note that this will result in a "dirty" package as we're downloading all go dependencies directly and not "the debian way". This might change once the number of natively supported libraries becomes larger