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Puppet Bolt supports a variety of uses cases, but one in particular is interesting for our use, masterless Puppet catalog applies. In a masterless apply rather than obtaining the catalog from the puppet master the catalog is compiled directly from the source repository. One advantage of a masterless apply is that it can offer faster feedback on code changes, since you don’t need to commit in order to apply or noop your changes against a destination host, i.e.:

# Edit
$ vi modules/example/manifests/init.pp

# Noop to see changes
$ bolt apply --noop -t

# Commit
$ git commit -a -m 'add example module'

Other projects which support a masterless workflow:

Install Directions

Install Bolt, not currently in Debian unfortunately

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i puppet-tools-release-bullseye.deb
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install puppet-bolt

Delete Bolt’s system module

This module conflicts with our system module, Upstream pull request or rename our module

$export BOLT_VERS="3.22.1"; sudo -E rm -rfv /opt/puppetlabs/bolt/lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems/bolt-${BOLT_VERS}/bolt-modules/system

Add Bolt config, labs-private, and supporting modules

$ cat >boltup <<EOM

set -o errexit
set -o nounset

cat >bolt-project.yaml <<EOF
name: wmf
  show_diff: true
hiera-config: 'hiera.yaml'
  - 'private/modules'
  - 'modules'
  - 'bolt/modules'

cat >inventory.yaml <<EOF
  transport: ssh
          # Use our system ruby
          rb: /usr/bin/ruby
      # Switch to root before running puppet
      run-as: root
    # Do not try to install the puppet-agent
    - puppet-agent

# setup hiera
sed -E 's#/etc/puppet/##' modules/puppetmaster/files/production.hiera.yaml >hiera.yaml

# clone repos
if [[ ! -e 'private' ]]; then
    git clone private
mkdir -p bolt/modules
if [[ ! -e 'bolt/modules/nagios_core' ]]; then
    git clone bolt/modules/nagios_core
if [[ ! -e 'bolt/modules/mailalias_core' ]]; then
    git clone bolt/modules/mailalias_core
$ bash boltup


Noop a server

$ bolt apply --noop -t <(cat manifests/*.pp)

Outstanding Issues

  1. Bolt does not preserve symlinks on files with recurse and source directories,
  2. PuppetDB queries do not work, nor do exported resources
  3. acme_chief module does not work
  4. Nooping a server with Bolt will take out a Puppet lock, which would block a cron based Puppet run which began after the Bolt run