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Blubber is a a command line application that is available as a statically compiled binary for multiple platforms

Latest Release



Blubber is available from our APT repo.

deb stretch-wikimedia main
apt-get install blubber


You can also install blubber from source. Blubber requires go >=1.10 and related tools

  • To install on rpm style systems: sudo dnf install golang golang-godoc
  • To install on apt style systems: sudo apt install golang golang-golang-x-tools
  • To install on macOS use Homebrew and run: brew install go
  • You can run go version to check the golang version.
  • If your distro's go package is too old or unavailable, download a newer golang version.
$ export GOPATH="$HOME/go"
$ go get
$ cd "$GOPATH"/src/
$ make install

This will install blubber to ~/go/bin/blubber