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New Version, Wikistats 2.0

The Wikistats interface, available at is being re-worked to be a little more browse-able and friendly. You can see the prototype here: The code for this work is in this repository and we're aiming to deploy a very minimal version by the end of July, 2017. We will iterate on that adding more metrics and functionality.


The data behind Wikistats is Analytics/Data_Lake/Edits. It is processed in two steps:

  1. Extracted as raw data from labs replicas on a monthly basis, by a cron.
  2. Processed by a oozie job running scala and labeled with the month's snapshot (eg. 2017-06).

More details: Analytics/Data_Lake/Edits

Old Version (to archive soon) Monthly Pageview Reports

These are now feed with hive data Monthly Pageview Reports.png

Traffic Breakdown Reports

Traffic Breakdown Reports I.png