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Superset is an Apache incubator project, originally started at AirBnB. It enables visualizations and dashboards built from various analytics data sources. WMF's superset instance can be found at


You need a wikitech login that is in the "wmf" or "nda" LDAP groups. If you don't have it, please create a task like T160662

Before requesting access, please make sure you:

Depending on the above, you can request to be added to the wmf group or the nda group. Please indicate the motivation on the task about why you need access and ping the analytics team if you don't hear any feedback soon from the Opsen on duty.

Once you are in either the wmf or nda LDAP groups, Superset will automatically create an account for you. Just visit (NOTE: As of September 24, 2018, there is a bug with Superset that means that user accounts are not automatically created. This bug manifests as a stack trace with the message "AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'login_count'" when attempting to access Superset. If you see this error, request that the Analytics team create your user for you.)


Account Creation

To create a user account, navigate to, click the + in the upper right corner, and fill out the former. For most users, set the permission role to 'alpha'.


To upgrade, first follow the instructions in the analytics/superset/deploy README to update the deploy repository. Once deployed, activate the superset virtualenv, add /etc/superset to PYTHONPATH (to allow superset to pick up configuration) and follow the Superset upgrade instructions (minus the pip install superset --upgrade part). This should be something like:

. /srv/deployment/analytics/superset/venv/bin/activate
export PYTHONPATH=/etc/superset
superset db upgrade
superset init