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Analytics/Data Lake/Traffic/Unique Devices

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Main documentation page: Analytics/Unique Devices

How is this data computed

We compute this data using the last access cookie. For details see Analytics/Unique_Devices/Last_access_solution and m:Research:Unique Devices.

Table schema

As of 2016-02, there are two 'last access' tables available on Hive. last_access_uniques_daily stores unique devices counts per project split by country per day, last_access_uniques_monthly stores unique devices counts per project split by country per month.

uri_host string Lower cased host defining a project ( for instance)
country string Country name of the accessing agents (computed using maxmind GeoIP database)
country_code string 2 letter country code
uniques_underestimate int Under estimation of unique devices based on last access cookie, and the nocookies header. Unqiue Devices that came to a given project at least twice.
uniques_offset int Unique devices offset computed as 1-action sessions without cookies.
uniques_estimate int Estimate of total unique devices seen as uniques_underestimate plus offset
year int Unpadded year of requests
month int Unpadded month of requests
day int Unpadded day of requests

Sample query to get total uniques for a given project for a day

select sum(uniques_estimate) from last_access_uniques_daily where year=2015 and month=12 and day=24 and uri_host like 'es.wikipedia%'

Data Quality


Changes and Known Problems with Dataset

  • 2016-02-19: Monthly data is available as of January 2016.

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