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#REDIRECT [[Analytics/Data Lake/Edits/Metrics]]
This table is dynamically partitioned on wiki_db and metric and holds metric results per wiki per time period.  So an example row would beː (enwiki, daily_edits, 2012-09-10, 12345).  As a result of the dynamic partitioning, inserting data into this table creates separate directories with single files for each wiki and metric.  This allows the files to be easily copied to for display in dashiki dashboards.
CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE `wmf.mediawiki_metric`(
  `dt`      string  COMMENT 'The date of this measurement, as YYYY-MM-DD',
  `value`  bigint  COMMENT 'The measurement'
  'See most up to date documentation at'
    `wiki_db`  string  COMMENT 'The wiki this measurement pertains to',
    `metric`    string  COMMENT 'The metric being computed to measure'

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