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This page describes the data set that stores the '''page history''' of WMF's wikis. It lives in Analytic's Hadoop cluster and is accessible via a Hive/Beeline external table. For more detail of the purpose of this data set, please read [[Analytics/Data Lake/Page and user history reconstruction]]. Also visit [[Analytics/Data access]] if you don't know how to access this data set.
#REDIRECT [[Analytics/Data Lake/Mediawiki Page history]]
=== Schema ===
`start_timestamp`          string    // Timestamp from where this state applies (inclusive).
`end_timestamp`            string    // Timestamp to where this state applies (exclusive).
`wiki_db`                  string    // enwiki, dewiki, eswiktionary, etc.
`page_id`                  bigint    // ID of the page, as in the page table.
`page_id_artificial`        string    // Generated ID for deleted pages without real ID.
`page_creation_timestamp`  string    // Timestamp of the page's first revision.
`page_title`                string    // Historical page title.
`page_title_latest`        string    // Page title as of today.
`page_namespace`            int      // Historical namespace.
`page_namespace_latest`    int      // Namespace as of today.
`caused_by_event_type`      string    // Event that caused this state (create, move, delete or restore).
`caused_by_user_id`        bigint    // ID from the user that caused this state.
`inferred_from`            string    // If non-NULL, indicates that some of this state's fields have been inferred
                                      // after an inconsistency in the source data.
=== Changes and known problems ===
{| class="wikitable"
!Schema version
|The dataset contains data for simplewiki and enwiki until september 2016. Still we need to productionize the automatic updates to that table and import all the wikis.

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