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The Analytics Data Lake (ADL), or the Data Lake for short, is a large, analytics-oriented repository of data about Wikimedia projects (in industry terms, a data lake). All of the data it contains can be joined together.

Data available

  • Traffic data -- webrequest, pageviews, unique devices ...
  • Edits data -- Historical data about revisions, pages, and users [in beta as of 2017-04-07].
  • ORES scores -- Machine learning predictions

Currently, you need production data access to use this data, but as of March 2018, work is underway to make the edit history data publicly available as part of the Data Services provided to Cloud Services users (T169572).

As the Data Lake matures, we will add any and all data and try to make it public as much as possible.

Technical architecture

The Analytics cluster, which consists of Hadoop servers and related components, provides the infrastructure for the Data Lake.