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This page contains information about the infrastructure used for the Add Image structured task project (T285587). For project information, see mw:Growth/Personalized first day/Structured tasks/Add an image.

High-level summary

Add Image is the infrastructure behind a feature which recommends images to be added to articles which don't have any, and provides a streamlined editing interface for doing so. It consists of:

  • A dataset (currently a one-off) of articles with no images, and image recommendations based on images in other Wikimedia projects which are connected to the article in some way via Wikidata.
  • A hasrecommendation:image CirrusSearch keyword for searching for articles with recommendations (currently based on having loaded the dataset into weighted tags in the search index as a one-off).
  • An image recommendation API (repo, user docs, ops docs) that provides the information in the dataset for the queried page IDs.
    • Previously a proof-of-concept API implementation (sandbox, repo, project page) was used, and is still the only API that's publicly available.
  • Integration with the structured task functionality of the GrowthExperiments extension: a browsing interface on Special:Homepage and VisualEditor-based custom editing interface.

Infobox exclusion

The GrowthExperiments extension adds a new hastemplatecollection:<collection> CirrusSearch keyword for searching for articles containing any one of a list of templates (typically a list so long that hastemplate: cannot be used). This is used for excluding articles with infoboxes: it defines the infobox and infoboxtest collections based on the GEInfoboxTemplates and GEInfoboxTemplatesTest community configuration fields.

To update, you can set GEInfoboxTemplatesTest and test with the hastemplatecollection:infoboxtest -hastemplatecollection:infobox and -hastemplatecollection:infoboxtest hastemplatecollection:infobox searches what infobox-containing articles would be added to / removed from the filter.

The list of infoboxes is generated by the tgr/infobox-templates script.

See also

  • Add Link, the previous structured task project